Parent's App

ISIMS developed parent’s app which provides school and parents with a simple, secure way to stay connected & informed. Parents get all updates of their child class performance, attendance & they can put their query & ask them directly & many more.

Nothing to install, no upgrades require! The most used features of iSIMS are now available at your one touch using mobile.

  • Check upcoming events in school
  • Child attendance status
  • Bus attendance
  • Class performance of child
  • Class schedule, syllabus
  • Timetable of class
  • Daily agenda of child
  • fee status
  • Preferred & consumed food items
  • Contact with teacher



Notice board feature is to keep the parents and student up-to-date with the institute activities. Like Exams, Sports day, Holidays alerts with detail.

Time Table

Parents can easily check their children day to day timetable & prepare their bags according to their.

Smart Bus Attendance

With this feature now parents get SMS alerts of their children’s presence in school bus, parents also know when school bus pick & drop their child on specified place with exact root direction.

Smart Classroom Attendance

With this feature, teacher can mark the attendance of its class and notify the parents with their child present/absent status.

Daily Agenda

Parents have access to check their child daily agenda as assigned by teachers.


Parents have the complete details of all subjects syllabus of each term.


Parents can set their child canteen credit & check the number of consumed items.

My Box

If parents need to communicate to any specific teacher of their child, they can put their query & ask them directly.