Ilma smart institute management system (iSIMS) is a smart comprehensive solution for educational institutes which transform the traditional management into modern efficient digitized system for administration, management and learning related activities.

Yes, iSIMS have its own mobile application for (parents & teachers) who have an access on all essential features.

ISIMS covered all basic modules of any school which are associates with administration, teachers/staff, parents & students.

Smart attendance is an extensive features where school management have all records of student attendance also they can notify parents with their child attendance status in school.

Yes, iSIMS provides a secure solution, which assures the students safety in bus. Through this system, parents are aware of their children pick /drop-off status with exact locations on their smart Phones.
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Not specifically, iSIMS is a cloud base solution where you don’t need any special hardware to install iSIMS. Just connect with cloud and you can use iSIMS on any system & device.

Yes, iSIMS is completely customized system where you can change it according to your desire.

Price plans are very economical which you can easily adapt in your institute. For further assistance you can contact with us.

Yes, iSIMS is licensed.

Some of the following reasons where huge chunks of cost is saved.

  • No cost for expensive Datacenter, Server hardware
  • No Server system licenses and maintenance cost
  • No dedicated system admin & maintenance team
  • No backup hardware and Server security license
  • No UPS hardware or power backups and their maintenance required.
  • Single centralized operational administration
  • Reduce administration cost by automating various processes
  • Save resource time and efforts hence Improving productivity

This is a viable system which provides school management a quick view of the live stats of campus insights.

MMS main purpose is to give educational institutes the live stats of what happening in school with accurate stats like student attendance, top achievers, etc.

This system gives control to parents to manage their child daily meal in school to keep them healthy. Parents set child food preferences & set their child daily canteen credit.

This system keeps the record of the basic medical treatment given on time to child in case of injury, sickness. It will keep records of treatment, diagnose of diseases & recommendation which school doctor give to child for further.

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