Canteen module

Students who use the canteen regularly, the food purchased makes a significant contribution to their total food intake and nutrition; therefore it makes great sense to ensure best food intake for them to enhance their ability to learn and keep healthy.

Food preferences are developed in childhood. By promoting and encouraging healthier food choices during childhood, it is anticipated that healthy eating habits will be carried through to adulthood and may go some way to help prevent chronic disease later in life.

This module of iSIMS keeps record of what children are eating in the school canteen so this information may be used to analyse eating habits.

Involving parents is the best way to keep control of what children eat in school.

Parents can view the list of items with pictures, description, ingredients and nutrition details available in the school canteen. From the online portal they can restrict certain items for their child, which they think, are not appropriate (e.g. not-helal) or are not recommended by child’s doctor.

Parents in real-time are notified what their child has purchased from the school canteen.

  • Controls Eating Habits
  • Cashless handling for children
  • Children purchase only what they are allowed to
  • Real-time reporting to management and parents

Canteen Solution

Canteen Management Device

Canteen Management Device